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Stoney Duck

The parody NFT of South park

The Stoney Duck NFT

Welcome to Stoney Duck NFT. The parody NFT of South Park (Post Covid Episode: The Return of Covid). Our project is inspired by Victor Chaos (aka Butters) who talks about investing in NFTs in the old folks home. As mentioned by Victor Chaos: "Let's say this is your Stoney Duck NFT. And your Stoney Duck NFT is totally unique, completely different from his Stoney Duck NFT".

Our art is unique, totally different and extremely limited. We prioritize high quality parody art. We are a dedicated team who loves South Park and NFTs.

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Stoney Duck Roadmap

Q1 2022

Season 1 Release

Concept Creation
Team Recruitment
Website Launch
Social Community Building
Airdrops and Stoney Duck Eggs

Q2 2022

$STDK tokens and App

Stoney Duck Egg Hatching
DAO Voting for Stoney Duck Holders
Begin Dimension-To-Dimenstion Travel on the Web Portal (Alternate Universes)

Q3 2022

Season 2 Release (Alternate Universe)

Stoney Duck Farming
Staking LP Pool
Marketplace Release
Test Net Launch (Invitation Only)

Q4 2022

Stoney Duck Ecosystem V1

Metaverse Social Features
Breeding System Launch
Mainnet launch
Frozen Lake Issuance launch (Land Purchase)

The Team




Co-founder and father of the stoney Duck


The Crypto Expert


Co-founder and mother of the stoney Duck


The artist


Creator and God of the Stoney Duck


The Web Designer


The boss of the UI/UX stuff in the real world


The Marketing Expert


The one man team managing our marketing studio


Social Media Manager


Pumping Twitter & Discord for a living

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In total 500 randomized unique Stoney Duck NFTs.

It will be fixed at 38 ADA.

To be confirmed.

You can mint 1 Stoney Duck NFT per transaction. There is no minting limit per wallet.

To be confirmed.

Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami, Adalite wallets. Please do not send ADA from an exchange.

Yes. Every piece of Stoney duck is unique. There are no duplicates.

The full Rarity Chart will be shared 1 hour after Minting in our Discord and on our website.

At the minting start time (drop time), a wallet address will be provided through our Discord. Send exactly 38 ADA to the wallet address in order to receive your Stoney Duck 🦆 NFT!
• You should receive your Stoney Duck NFT 🦆 within an hour or more, however the time may vary depending on our website traffic.
• In the event that the website fails due to heavy traffic, our Mods will communicate with you via Discord.